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My name is Danny Root and I like to make wooden fishing lures and ice spearing decoys. I like the looks of the old fashioned lures and decoys that were painted with a brush so I don't use any spray cans or an air brush to paint designs.

I use USA made hooks, wire and paint when possible. Almost all of my fishing lures and spearing decoys are made to use but many who buy from me say these will only hang in their home or cabin for display. Well Holy Smokes! Buy one of my lures or spearing decoys and use it. If you lose it you can always order another one. It's not like they cost $100 each (well, maybe some do!).




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Fishing Lures

I use a stainless steel one piece thru wire on all lures. No hooks are ever attached using only an eye screw. This makes my lures extremely strong. Most wire for the lures is 500 lb. test but some of the smaller lures have 300 lb. test while a few larger lures have about a 900 lb. test wire. The wire is sealed using marine epoxy. The paint I use is a marine paint and every lure is given a minimum of three coats of marine varnish as a finish coat.

Spearing Decoys

All of my decoys are tested in water and lead weight is added along the bottom of the decoy to give it the best 'swimming' action. The aluminum fins are fastened into place with marine epoxy or lead and sometimes both for the side fins. Each decoy is painted by hand by me with a brush. These are not mass produced and dunked into paint or spray painted in batches. All decoys are finished with a minimum of 3 coats of marine varnish.

Many and maybe most of these decoys are used for display and not to spear fish but all of these fishing decoys are 100% made to be used for spearing fish. Many spear Northern Pike up here in Minnesota in the winter and these will make those Northerns come in and take a peak.

Remember to use a good leader and strong line when using these in your dark house. If a big Northern hits these you don't want him to break the line and drop it out of site. These swim pretty well when you are jigging but they won't swim back to your hole if the line breaks!



If you are visiting Grand Rapids, Minnesota please stop in The MacRostie Art Gallery. The gallery sells some of my muskie lures and ice spearing decoys.

From Wisconsin...

Thanks for the lures. First time I used them I had 3 follows and caught a nice small 42" musky. I will be ordering again to give to friends next season.

From Leech Lake...

Got the 6 lures today and am very pleased with the quality. Am using for gifts this Christmas.

From Bigfork...

Finally found a decoy built right. I was very tired of some fins on other decoys loosening up after one season but I have 4 of your decoys and been using them for about 3 years. Can't loosen the fins even when I wiggle them. And the paint is holding up pretty good too. Thanks for the decoys.

Larry in the winter!

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